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Julietta is committed to creating a world that is Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Connected and Empowered.

For years she has worked to create this through her profession of Physical Therapy, where she supports people in their healing journey by creating balance in body, mind, and spirit.

About 6 years ago, she began expanding her healing to an artistic medium. She began creating SoulCandy. SoulCandy are customized crystal healing art. Pieces can be created to support you to heal, grow and transform. Mother Earth has gifted us with beautiful crystals and stones that emit energy that can support us in creating whatever we desire. Each stone possesses a unique frequency that will support something different. Joining the stones together with copper wire creates a powerful healing tool. 

When people began asking for SoulCandy that they could wear, she began making pendants with the crystals. This allows you to carry the healing powers of the crystals with you wherever you are.

Recently she felt pulled to create healing paintings as well. These paintings are often of animal spirit guides, chakras or healing symbols. The colors are chosen for their healing properties as well. Some of the paintings also contain crystals.

Whatever support you need to heal, grow, or transform, Julietta can create a piece of art to help you on your way.

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